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East Naples United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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The vision of our committee is to represent the congregation here, the worldwide body of Christ, and Jesus himself in the selection of missions that are in harmony with the works which he commanded that we do; to “evangelize the world’!  Our goal is to raise the level of understanding about the missions that we support, to provide opportunities to visit local mission projects and to increase congregational involvement in missions.

September Mission of the Month - In many churches this is called the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.  It is the fund that is used to help those in need, inside and outside our congregation.  Over the years, we have helped get bills paid when funds came up short for the month; we have assisted people in getting back home; we have provided gift cards for the purchase of needed items.  We have helped     people in a number of ways, but we can only help when we have the funds.  We use discretion and make  every effort to use the funds wisely.  If you would like to contribute so that our church can continue to help people, make your check to “ENUMC” and designate it for “The Good Samaritan Fund.”
Other Mission Opportunities during the Year:
We support our sister church in Canamazo, Cuba.  Canamazo Methodist Church is located in a very rural area but continues to grow!  They currently have over 100 adult members and more than 35 children.  The church has a feeding program and each month, the outlying mission congregations meet to worship and eat together. Pastor Reinerio Quinones Poz and his wife Haydee began ministering at Canamazo in October 2015.  
We can support our brothers and sisters in Christ in Cuba with much needed prayers, and funds raised for Canamzao Methodist Church will help them feed the people in the town, provide Bibles, pay the pastor's salary, and support them in their ministry. 


ECHO is a global Christian organization that equips people with agricultural resources and skills to reduce hunger and improve the lives of the poor.  They gather solutions from around the world that are solving  hunger problems and disseminate them.  These solutions promote    sustainable farming techniques, nutritional plants, and appropriate technologies.  ECHO’s purpose is to help those who are teaching farmers around the world know how to be more effective in producing enough to meet the needs of their families and their communities.  They in turn teach others, and the ECHO effect  continues!  ECHO has been doing this for 32 years.  Since all of their funds come from caring individuals like us, they work very hard to keep their expenses low.  Thanks to their efficient management and model, Charity Navigator gave them a Four Star rating.  There are three ways we can help!  Pray for support of ECHO so they can continue to fund projects and programs such as sending seeds around the world and developing   regional offices in Asia and Africa.  Support Echo financially and Spread the word about ECHO and their work to those you know.  Check out ECHO at www.echonet.org.  The Mission Committee will plan an ECHO Tour in a few months when it is not so hot and humid.  It is a fascinating organization right in our own backyard– located in North Ft. Myers. 

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ENUMC College Scholarship Fund   

January has been designated “Scholarship Month” by the Missions Committee of ENUMC.  All monies raised by mission contributions during January will go toward financially assisting students from this church family.

Students complete an extensive application that is then “blindly” reviewed by the scholarship committee.  One requirement for consideration is that the student is a member of ENUMC and a faith statement is always included in the applications as well.  Additionally, each student’s church activity, financial need, academics, etc. are part of the scholarship application process.

Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
51 Children's Way
Enterprise, FL 32725
Helping the growth of the youth of Costa Rica. Shelters that work together to restore the lives of at risk youth.   
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On a local and very personal level, individuals come to the church seeking help and support when times and situations bring about hardships in their lives. Jobs are lost, illness occurs, children have needs – so they ask for help from God’s people. This fund allows our pastors to deal directly with these folks with monies given for that very purpose. To bring real and quick relief to genuine needs results in all being blessed and God being glorified.
Grace Place is a faith based, non-profit, neighborhood education center teaching literacy, language, and life skills to at-risk children & working poor families in Golden Gate city. 
The main program areas are:
Bright Beginnings – We teach the mothers of young children (birth to five) skills they need to help their young children grow and  thrive.
School-Age Programs – After-school tutoring, mentoring, summer day camp, and youth development programs help the students succeed in school & life.
Family Literacy – Literacy programs enable parents to achieve better employment, provide for family needs, participate in their children’s schools, and become contributing members of the community.
Food Ministry – Every Friday Grace Place provides a simple bag of groceries, bakery products, and fresh produce to families having trouble making ends meet. 
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We will be collecting food and cash to help this wonderful ministry.  The cash will be used in a similar way to our Good Samaritan Fund helping those who need emergency help.  Helps Outreach has many services that they provide free to those in need in our community.  If you have furniture, they will come pick it up and give it free to those who need it.  Call Joe at (239) 287-1159 to schedule a pick-up.  They are open 10am-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.  Check out their website at www.helpsoutreachinc.org  or contact them at 239-593-3226.  They are located at 2025 J&C Blvd. Units 1-4.
Food Drive – When people visit the Food Pantry at Helps Outreach they are not given a prepackaged bag of food but are allowed to choose foods off the shelf according to their families tastes and needs. The Food Pantry is currently in need of pasta, pasta sauce, 1-3 pound bags of rice, bags of dried black beans, canned soups (tomato, cream of mushroom & chicken noodle), pork & beans, peanut butter & jelly and canned vegetables (peas or corn).   They also have a need for newborn – size 3 diapers. 
To demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Just fill a shoebox with gifts for a child. Last year 8 million children across the world received shoeboxes. Children in over 130 countries have received shoeboxes since 1993.
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With the closing of the Punta Gorda Speedway, Dick and Kay Stone have moved their ministry to the Desoto Speedway at Bradenton, Florida.  This has increased their expenses because now they drive 280 miles each Saturday race night.  This also makes it much later on Saturday nights (Sunday morning) for their drive home.  They covet your prayers for travel mercies. Even with the additional expenses, they feel they must continue to answer their call into this unique ministry of sharing God’s love to the racing community.  They continue to thank those in our church family and organizations who contribute to the ministry.  Remember STORM stands for Short Track Outreach Racing Ministry. Any contributions during February would be greatly appreciated.   May God Bless, Dick and Kay Stone 
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Eric & Allison Foster with the Jesus Film Project.  Since 1979, the JESUS film has been translated into over 1100 languages. Through an astonishing 6 billion viewings, over 250 million people have indicated decisions to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Many areas of the world need additional video-based evangelism and follow-up materials, enabling them to share the Gospel and teach new believers how to walk with Jesus every day.
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