April Mission of the Month – Grace Place for Children & Families
Grace Place puts faith into action – providing pathways out of poverty by educating children and families.
The families that Grace Place serves are mostly in the Golden Gate City area of Naples.
85% live at or below the national poverty line
99% are non-English speaking households
88% of the parents have less than a high school education
35% of the parents have less than a 5th grade education

Friday Food Pantry - Grace Place remains the largest distribution for Harry Chapin Food Bank in Collier County with over 350,000 pounds of food distributed in Golden Gate. Roughly 210 bags of food are distributed each week, totaling 10,290 bags a year. The Friday Food Pantry distributed food to 2,000 local families. Senior citizens now account for ten percent of all participants benefiting from the program.

Adult English Language and Literacy – This program strives to furnish the knowledge and skills necessary for adults to succeed in learning English. 4,798 hours of English language and citizenship instruction were provided during the 2015 program year.

Bright Beginnings – This program offers skills, techniques and best practices for parents in order to provide a solid educational foundation for their child to build on. Parents attend classes on providing a language — rich environment, engaging and interactive learning, brain development, social skills and pre-literacy skills. While parents are in class, children participate in developmentally appropriate learning activities, guided exploration, art and storytelling, led by a skilled teacher and designed to promote interactive learning, classroom readiness skills, and socialization skills. Because of the demographic profile of the participants, there is also strong component of English language lessons in the curriculum.

School Age Programs – Academy of Leaders after school program (K-8) is designed to improve student achievement, develop leadership habits and provide opportunities to learn 21st century skills needed for college and careers.
The mission of the AP Leadership high school program is to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring these students graduate from high school, seek continued higher education and enter the workforce as hard-working, prepared professionals.



Kris Clemmensen