The Learning Center at East Naples United Methodist Church has been serving families in the Naples area community for over 40 years. The Learning Center at ENUMC is committed to the children and servers families living and working in the Naples area by offering a full day Christian education program for children 1- 5 years of age.

At the Learning Center, it is our goal to develop and enhance the preschool learning environment, by providing spiritual and academic learning that enables children to progress through their time at the Learning Center. It is our intent to instill a love and respect for our Lord Jesus Christ in each child.

At the Learning Center, we provide a warm and nurturing environment in which child grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in a way that is honoring Christ. We are always striving, in every way, to provide an environment that is safe, caring, educationally age-appropriate and fun for all children who enter our preschool. The Learning Center is an outreach to the families in the community inviting them to become involved here at the East Naples United Methodist Church.


Year round "VPK" through Florida's Free Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program.

The Learning Center serves children ages 1-5.


*Serving over 60 children ages 1-5 years old.

*FREE VPK program for all children who turn 4 years of age by September 1st.

*We are open Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm year round for children needing full-day quality care.

*We are located by the Collier County Government Complex and Court House

*We are licensed with the State of Florida


*First Week Tuition Due

*Enrollment Fee Due

*One Time Materials Fee Due

*One Time Art Supplies Fee Due


The Learning Center has five intriguing classrooms enabling children to explore and enjoy each day. Each classroom includes learning centers for discovery in: Science, Math, Writing, Manipulatives, Computer, Creative Arts and more.

            *Children will learn their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes

            *Children are taught weekly Bible Stores and Bible Verses

            *Children learn about character development

            *Children learn about the seasons and special Holidays throughout the year

            *Children participate in themed activities

We use age appropriate curriculums daily. The ABEKA Bible curriculum explores Bible stories, character development, prayer and praise and weekly Bible verses. The Creative Curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum lead the children to discover different interests and curiosities as well as teaching the children name recognition, letters, colors, numbers and shapes.

Daily class routines are organized for small children with smooth transitions through Circle Time, Hands on Activities and Rest Time. We follow a planned and structured schedule for each day which allows room for flexibility and familiarity.

We have special events throughout the year to entertain as well as educate our children. These special days range from Community Helps, Special Guest, Holiday Celebrations, Pancakes & Pajama’s and much more.


When you visit the Learning Center, you will hear plenty of giggling and happy sounds. Our staff is highly qualified, certified and educated. We have a total of six experienced and trained teachers. We also have an assistant which enables each child to move through their day with extra care and hugs.

Our child to teacher ratios is lower than what the state requires to better engage the children. All our staff is CPR/AED Certified.


Because we are a mission of the ENUMC, we do offer more for our children:


*Music Class

*Special Story Time Readers

*Wonderful Wednesday Night Children’s Program

*Family Fun Nights

*Mom’s Night Out

*Miss Cricket Gymnastics

*Parenting classes

To Discover More…

Contact our Director, Michele Micieli, at 239-775-0745 or TLC@enaples.org

Facility License C20CO7386

Where Laughter Abounds, and Discovery Soars. . .