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 Medicine Collection for Cuba  

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Ongoing Missions


Food Cart

We have an ongoing collection of non-perishable food items that are given to the local Food Banks at Helps Outreach, Grace Place for Children and Families, and St. Mathew’s House.  This food helps many in our community who struggle to put food on the table for themselves and their families. The Grocery Cart is in the Narthex waiting to be filled with your contributions. We also try to help with local food drive events in Naples.

Good Samaritan Fund

On a local and very personal level, individuals come to the church seeking help and support when times and situations bring about hardships in their lives. Jobs are lost, illness occurs, children have needs – so they ask for help from God’s people. This fund allows our pastors to deal directly with these folks with monies given for that very purpose. To bring real and quick relief to genuine needs results in all being blessed and God being glorified. 

Children's Home

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home is a diverse ministry that includes residential care, therapeutic care, foster care, emergency shelter care, independent living assistance, and a community child care center. One campus has 15 residences which can house 8 children (5-17) and two house parents each. The second campus is a youth ranch in northern Florida.  Every fifth Sunday we take a collection for the Children's Home.

Sunlight Home

Sunlight of Collier County, a residential maternity home that provides a safe, loving, family atmosphere that serves pregnant women and teens.  We offer help toward physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. Sunlight Home was founded in June of 1994 to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse for pregnant women and teens through a Christ-pregnant women and their children and we have witnessed the positive effect of the hard work put forth by the residents, the staff and our 12 member governing board.

Serving the World: Sister Churches in Cuba

The Methodist Movement began in Cuba nearly 125 years ago. Men and women from Florida arrived in Cuba in 1883 with the vision and passion of preaching the Gospel. They founded the Methodist Church and it grew until, in 1959, it was the largest denomination in Cuba. However, the 60s and 70s many people left Cuba or left the church. Then, during the late 1980s the fire of the Methodist church was rekindled in a powerful dynamic. This fire has produced a prophetic movement across the Island. 

Today, in the Methodist Church in Cuba, seventy percent of the total membership is 30 years of age or less. More than ninety percent of the membership today entered the church since 1990. Today the Methodist Church has over 400 church sanctuaries and over 1,100 mission churches with a pastoral staff of 800, and a full membership of over 43,000. In 2016 the Methodist Church had a 5.6% increase in membership. 


ECHO's Mission is to equip people with resources and skills to reduce hunger and improve the lives of the poor. ECHO's Vision is to honor God through sustainable hunger solutions. ECHO’s Global farm is located in North Ft. Myers and they have training centers in Asia and Africa. There is a special initiative in the Caribbean too.

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